Double Harvest-Haiti is a 200 acre project about 10 miles outside of Port-au- Prince (due East).
• Following Haiti 8 (Route 102) toward the Dominican Republic, just outside of Croix des Bouquets, turn Right/South at the Total gas station (on left).
• You will head toward the town of Dieudon; drive through it.
• At the well on the outskirts of the town, keep going South (cross over the East/ West road).
• At the “end” of this road, turn Right under the aqueduct, then Left onto the road to the immediate East (backside) of Double Harvest – thick trees on your right. (Coupon is the village to your right. The DH school borders it to the south.)
• Continue until the clearing and turn Right/West. Our Clinic is on your left; the Main Gate is on your right.

Address for Customs (Immigration Card):
Double Harvest
10, Roche Blanche
Croix des Bouquets