April 2013 Newsletter

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,

Easter Past - The month of April usually hosts the Easter week, but it fell to March this year. However, Christians worldwide are still basking in the aftermath of the celebrations and observances, as is the church in Haiti closely associated with Double Harvest, Eglise Baptiste Evangelique. It seems appropriate that this month we state our essential mission and values. Easter represents the central truth about Christianity, without which there would be no forgiveness of our sins and no hope for our life after death. God took on human flesh in the person of Jesus, who lived to teach us how to live but, most importantly, who died a sacrificial death but triumphantly rose again!

Easter Forever - Thousands of books have been written explaining these historical Biblical events. Here we limit ourselves to this: Jesus died to pay the penalty we deserve as sinners before a holy God. In His mercy, God gave His only Son as a substitute in our place. But Jesus rose again as evidence that He has conquered our great enemies – sin, death and all evil powers! Those who respond to God’s call and place their faith and trust only on Jesus, and not on any good works they may offer, are saved from the power of sin and the consequences of death. They receive forgiveness of their sins, aid from the Holy Spirit who takes up residence in their life, and hope for an eternity with God! They become children and friends of God, a renewed relationship for which they were originally created. This is Good News indeed!

Easter Now - As followers of Jesus Christ, we at Double Harvest stand firmly on these truths. As people who have experienced God’s grace and forgiveness through Christ, our desire is to pass it on. During His life on this earth, Jesus showed practical compassion to those in physical need; in His death and resurrection, He offered a new relationship with the living God. Accordingly, we exist to reap both a physical and a spiritual harvest; as our name signifies and our motto states: “Man does not live on bread alone!” So, while our agricultural, fish and chicken projects, medical clinic, school and compassion ministries meet the economic, health and educational needs of the Haitian people, your investment also helped us financially assist the local church in observing an outreach celebration of the events of Easter. These are believers who, despite their relative dismal physical lives, find hope and joy in the Good News of the gospel. And, celebrate Easter they did, with traditional services and an outreach concert with a well-known Haitian Christian artist, the first effort of its kind. The church was encouraged and the community was challenged that truths of Easter can also be embraced by them. Thank you for standing with us as we look to fulfill our dual mission.

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator