Four Months Update from Haiti

by Frantz Angus


Well, it's official the rebuilding of Haiti has started, or at least the Croix des Bouquets part. After careful inspection from the building committee, our first set of 14 houses passed the test. The building construction team lead by Uncle Abe, Nick, Joe and John gave the go ahead to continue full blast for the 200 and more houses. This journey started as you remember with the horrible date of January 12th, 2010. I do not know if we can call this irony but rather strong faith that today would be an important date for our program as today marks the 4th month anniversary of the disaster in Haiti.

The houses are being built with the recommendations of a well studied program.  We first had a presentation from our Board Members and then we had special training for our masons, and they were able to follow our instructions.  The way this work, Double Harvest provides the material, cement, rebar sand, wood, etc.  Labor, food is provided by the owner of the house.  The labor, or financial arrangement, is provided in different ways.  The Haitian community came up with a system of points.  For example, if a group come over to my house and does the laying of blocks, it’s considered 2 points per day for my house.  If it takes me 4 days, I have spent 8 points.  Then I need to repay those 8 points to a different house.  The lady of the house provides water and food for the laborers.  Not a bad system, it works.  We did create a small competition between the masons and the village of Dumay and Pierrou came up with the nicest houses.  The houses were judge based on timing, finishing, and decoration.  The winner got a free bicycle provided by Frank.  They will be delivered next Monday as all the masons will also receive a diploma of achievement.  They are all excited.

As you can see in the pictures we also had a chance to visit the fishermen village.  As usual, we are always welcome there, and the smile on the kids face shows how much they enjoy seeing us.  We bought them some close and as usual Baby Cora receives a little something special.

The bulldozer in the picture is just phase one on a nice soccer field that we will try to provide with the help of some friends soon to come.  The community is excited as the world cup soccer is coming soon and Haitians favorite sport is soccer.  Who knows, maybe some day a star will be born at Double Harvest.

Tom Van Wingerden may not be with us today but he will never be forgotten.  His elite staff lead by Cristmark and Creche will cherish this picture for ever.  Tom was a hero to them and up to today we remember all the great work and advice he was teaching us.  Today with the house project we still use a lot of his technical, the poles he sent 2 years ago that made us say “what are we going to do with all these poles”.  Well, today, we finally know why.  Obviously, Tom had this is in the plans.  We also understand what Johnny Howie had to do to fill all those containers every month with supplies that we still use today.  Anyway, all this to tell you, we are doing the best we can at Double Harvest but without your help, your prayers your advice none of this could happen today.

Thank you