Haiti Hurricane Update

by Vernon Giesbrecht

A Church Demolished Entire Roof Taken Off a Home
A Church Demolished Entire Roof Taken Off a Home

While Hurricane Mathew has passed Haiti and wrecked its devastation on other nations in its path, this struggling nation with its inadequate housing codes, deforested hillsides, the danger of mudslides and flash floods, and poor infrastructure, took a major hit in the southern part of the country. With over 30 years in the country, your generous and quick support will give Double Harvest opportunity to assist our partners on the ground in the relief effort. 

Entire villages were wiped out, flooding and wind damage was extensive, and the loss of life is still climbing. A major bridge was washed away between Port-au-Prince and the southern part of the country, making it difficult to rush emergency relief supplies. Communication with that area has been compromised as well. The full extent of the devastation will slowly be realized.

Port-au-Prince was spared significant damage as was the Double Harvest location just east of the capital. As avenues for aid open up, we are prepared to assist in whatever ways we can. Every dollar designated will go toward “Hurricane Relief”. Please give as you feel led. You may use the “Donate Now” link on this page to be directed to various ways of contributing. Please pray for this country which has experienced nature’s devastation so many times over the years.