Haiti update - April 2014

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest, at this EASTER season here are the foundations of our ministry.

CropsOUR MISSION – The mission of Double Harvest, as its name implies, is twofold. We seek to establish and develop agricultural projects in developing countries by providing capital resources and implementing best practices to increase food production and to build the local economy. Also, being followers of Jesus Christ, we are guided by His example and the principles outlined in the Bible, and therefore support and implement ministries that reflect our deep concern for the physical and spiritual needs of people. We embrace Jesus’ answer to Satan at His temptation: “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God!”

FishOUR PRACTICE – In poor countries, updated and sustainable farming techniques in the vast rural areas remain underdeveloped or non-existent. To live people must eat. However, produce is usually imported at grossly inflated prices, leaving the majority of the population to rely on what little they can purchase or grow themselves. The result? A repeat of the poverty cycle, a day-to-day existence, malnutrition, hopelessness, all affecting the health, education, morale and economy of the country. Using a Business as Mission model, our projects in Haiti and South Sudan (smaller investments in other areas) are committed to reversing these debilitating trends. With close guidance of trained national employees by board members, major grains and vegetables, reforestation trees, and production from a fishery and a chicken-egg project find their way into the local economy at reasonable prices.

SchoolOUR MINISTRY – At the same time, sensing our responsibility to the struggling, surrounding community in the countries in which we work, we supply clean drinking water, build homes, and provide food and clothing. In Haiti, our Medical-Surgical Clinic offers daily care to over 200 patients, while surgery teams conduct up to 100 life-saving procedures during a week’s visit. Our school provides an excellent Christian education for over 500 students, Pre-School – Grade 13, all from local villages. However, this work – business, social, and compassion – would have little ultimate value if it were not infused with spiritual ministry. With so much need, we offer our help in the name of Jesus and trust Him to multiply it. But we also ensure that the “Easter” gospel – a renewed personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus – is clearly presented as the key to life-transformation. Change a heart, change a person, change a world-view, change a community, change a country! Thus daily devotional times occur with our workers, patients and students. Hard work and integrity are modeled. Prayer is offered to anxious patients. Pastors, churches and their outreach are supported.

Clinic Bibles

In Sowing Seeds of Life, our goal is indeed a “Double Harvest”! Thank you for your trust and support of this ministry.

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator