Haiti Update - August 2013

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear Friend of Double Harvest,

The Challenge of Haiti – We’ve said it here before, but ministry and development work in Haiti is not for the faint of heart. The economic, political, cultural and spiritual challenges are significant, causing many dedicated and skilled individuals and organizations to leave defeated and disillusioned within a short period of time. One must be prepared with more than theoretical knowledge of the pervasive culture of voodoo and armed with a God-centered determination and perseverance. While Double Harvest wouldn’t claim to have all the answers to these seeming roadblocks to success, we have adopted this two-pronged approach: strong spiritual ministry coupled with a determination to help lift Haiti out of its economic, educational and medical morass.

New Canadian Couple Taking Up Residence – We were reminded of “the challenge of Haiti” as we envisioned the adjustments facing Henry and Maria Peters and their two children when they arrive at the beginning of August. Henry will be primarily involved with infrastructure, mechanical and agricultural development on the project, while also finding time to provide assistance to the church meeting at our school. We welcome their experience in these areas as well as their commitment to join us in affecting positive change in this impoverished country. For our N.A partners, they will become the “face” of Double Harvest-Haiti.

imageEncouraging News – Pastor Garry Auguste wears two hats – maybe more – when it comes to spiritual ministry in the community. He serves as pastor of the church meeting at our school and as Double Harvest’s Spiritual Ministries Director. This summer, the Children’s Vacation Bible School saw 350 kids participate, led by 40 Haitian teachers and a team from TN. There is nothing quite like this in the surrounding community! A High School “camp” addressed issues under the theme “Preparing for My Future”; over 170 students attended! Also, through generous donations, hundreds of Creole Bibles have been given to members of two churches as well as to new Christians being welcomed in these congregations. Besides the daily devotional times with the farm workers and waiting patients, special seminars are planned for marriage relationships, engaged couples and for youth in the area of morality.


Thank You – We appreciate the confidence you place in Double Harvest. Your support and prayers are indispensable to our mission – resourcing and developing agricultural and related projects, supporting compassion, education and medical ministries, and infusing the work with a purposeful spiritual component. “Sowing Seeds of Life” is what we’re about.

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator