Haiti Update - August 2014

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest, 

Sowing Seeds Of LIFE – If you’ve been interested in the work of Double Harvest you will know that our name reflects our desire to minister to the whole person – physically and spiritually – a “double harvest”! We follow the dual pattern Jesus practiced: compassionate deeds for the sick and impoverished AND proclaiming the good news of the gospel – that those who believe in His sacrificial death and victorious resurrection will be saved, thus restoring the broken relationship between them and God, their creator. Our particular mission in fighting poverty is to develop and resource large agricultural and related projects in the developing world. These provide employment, nutrition and impact the local economy, all within an atmosphere based on Biblical principles. In Haiti, we have also established ministries in education, medical care, food, clothing and water distribution, and partner with churches in spiritual outreach programs

In The Lives Of Youth – The months of June and July saw two teams joining with us and a local church in ministering to the youth of the surrounding community. Almost half of the population of Haiti (over 10 million) is under 18 years of age! It is critical that these participants in the future of this dysfunctional nation be presented with the good news of the gospel and how it can change their relationship with God and others, and also influence their decisions in life. The Tennessee team with its 28 members divided their group into half, the one half assisting in the Primary Vacation Bible School sponsored by the church that meets on our school campus. During the week, around 400 children had fun with crafts and games, while team members shared their relationship with Jesus Christ (through interpreters) and Haitian teachers taught interesting Bible lessons. The spiritual benefits experienced by these precious children have been encouraging in the past, and this year’s program was no different. (Next month – A report on the Senior VBS mission team)

Primary VBS Assembly VBS Mission Team
Primary VBS Assembly VBS Mission Team

In Local Villages – The other half of the TN team ventured out to two nearby villages, constructing a church/school building in one and putting a roof on another church/school building that also doubles as an orphanage. These congregations simply do not have the financial resources to construct a simple but decent building in which to meet. And, as mentioned, these buildings often have multiple uses. So, the financial help and providing a meeting place will not only be a great encouragement to these Christians, but also give them credibility in their standing in and outreach to their own community. We thank the churches who invested in these ministries and projects, and also the team members who responded to the call of “mission”. Without doubt, a “double harvest” occurred!

A little construction help Celebrating A New Building
A little construction help Celebrating a new building

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator