Haiti Update - August 2016

by Vernon Giesbrecht


South Sudan In Crisis – Five years after the celebration of independence in 2011 from the Islamic regime of Sudan, South Sudan has experienced its own violent struggles. The size of Texas, this newest nation in the heart of Africa is crumbling under age-old tribal conflicts and atrocities represented by the forces of the President and the Vice-President respectively. Despite repeated attempts at peace, 1.8 million have been displaced, 500,000 have fled to neighboring countries, 100,000 are living in U. N. bases, and thousands have been killed! Corruption, political reform, rape protection, education, health care, infrastructure, and hunger are all at stake. Please pray for a lasting peace in this war-torn country, as both political and religious leaders are in repeated negotiations.

Double Harvest In South Sudan – Gumbo Market, a new produce market, stands close to the Double Harvest farm. However, most of the 600 Ugandan vendors have fled to their home country fearing the escalating violence in the capital, Juba. Even trucks carrying produce from Uganda have been stopped, looted and the drivers shot. In this crisis the Double Harvest farm has been affected and is attempting to be effective. The Gumbo Market land was actually originally leased to the farm, but the Gumbo village ripped down our fence and took it. In such precarious circumstances, legal action is a useless exercise. We are however encouraged that our team is continuing to operate the farm in this volatile situation, offering quality and reasonably priced vegetables to the local people, as opposed to the inflated Ugandan prices on imported produce. We are providing our team’s daily food essentials and have instructed them to give produce to any who come to the farm hungry and desperate. Desperation reaps thievery, of which we have had our share. Please pray for God’s hand of protection on our team. With the severe food shortage, it is the Double Harvest farm WITHIN the country that is addressing a critical need as widespread hunger and malnutrition grow.

Double Harvest Ltd. Farm.jpg Eggplant Thief-Desperation Breeds Stealing.jpg
Double Harvest Ltd. Farm
Vegetable Transport to Local Market
Vegetable Transport to Local Market Eggplant Thief-Desperation Breeds Stealing

School Beginning in Haiti – A new school year is beginning in our country. In Haiti, children and youth from 28 communities surrounding the Double Harvest mission are also preparing for classes at our school. Because of the generosity of Sponsors here, for $45/month/student, around 500 students will receive a quality education, a daily nutritious meal, and medical care from our Clinic, all in an atmosphere of the Christian message and its values. (Thank you, Sponsors!!) Each year, 30 new children begin their education in the Pre-School class. A few of our Sponsors, whose student(s) has graduated Grade 13, will continue their Sponsorship with one of these new students. However, there are students who will need a Sponsor!! Will you be one of them? If you are already a Sponsor, would you recommend this effective ministry of lifting people out of poverty? Click HERE for all the information on Sponsoring.

Starting Each Day-School Assembly Beginning Their Educational Studies
Starting Each Day-School Assembly Beginning Their Educational Studies
Proud Of Their New Donated Bookbags Enjoying The Privilege Of An Education
Proud Of Their New Donated Bookbags Enjoying The Privilege Of An Education

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator