Haiti Update - December 2014

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Give…Thanks – With all the wonderful food that is served around the holidays here in the U.S., it is hard to imagine that right now there are families only hours away that are struggling with hunger. Families in Haiti and South Sudan suffering under corrupt government, civil strife, high unemployment, a dysfunctional economy. At this Thanksgiving and Christmas time, our responses should be gratitude for all the blessings we enjoy, and also giving to those less fortunate. Here are some things for which we are thankful...

Evidence of Poverty 35 years of sowing seeds of life
Evidence of Poverty 35 Years of Sowing Seeds of Life

…That Double Harvest is able to serve as a pipeline running between those who want to give and those in need. Haiti and South Sudan, where we are working, count as two of the poorest countries in the world. These people need your help. The mission of Double Harvest is development ministry, not just hand-outs, although at times necessary. Our purpose is to give people in these countries the resources, tools, know-how, and employment in sustainable agricultural ventures, which provide food at reasonable prices and impact the local economy. This is “Business as Mission”, creating an indigenous enterprise to impact the country’s agricultural sector.

Best Practices in Farming Green House Starter Plants
Best Practices in Farming Green House Starter Plants

…For the ability in South Sudan, despite dangerous civil strife and encroachments on our leased land, to continue to grow and produce high quality vegetables for sale at local markets. The reasonable prices compete with inflated imports from neighboring countries.

…For the Fish and Chicken-Egg Projects in Haiti that supply nutritious Tilapia, eggs and chicken meat to grocery stores and to local vendors to sell in the markets. As capital funding is received, solar collectors (Fish Project) will reduce the high cost of 24 hr. generator-powered filtration. Harvest goals remain at 18,000 lbs. per month, while sales of 3500 eggs a day are calling for an expansion.

Fish Project Chicken Egg project
Fish Project Chicken Egg Project

…For the Double Harvest School in Haiti, Pre-School to Grade 13, with its Sponsorship Program ($45/mo/student) that provides employment for trained Haitian teachers and a quality Christian education, a noon meal, and medical care for 535 students, giving them hope and opportunity for the future.

Rewards of Education Clinic Waiting Area
Rewards of Education Clinic Waiting Area

…For the Medical-Surgical Clinic and its Haitian staff who daily treat patients with typical tropical illnesses and educate them in better hygiene and health care. Also, for the facilities to host surgery teams who perform, at times, life-saving procedures.

Thank You! Thanksgiving!
Thank You! Thanksgiving!

…Finally, for Jesus Christ, who came to give His life that we might have a renewed relationship with God, freedom from guilt, and the hope of an eternity with Him. We desire to be conduits of both His grace and His compassion – “Sowing Seed of Life”!

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator