Haiti Update - February 2016

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Quick Takes From Haiti

Pesidential Runner-Up March Delayed Elections - Civil Unrest
Pesidential Runner-Up March Delayed Elections - Civil Unrest

Haiti Elections – As of this writing, two run-off elections for the next President have been postponed due to protest and accusations by the second runner-up of voter fraud. By law the current President, Michel Martelly, must step down February 7. It appears that an interim government will need to be formed until a solution can be found for a recognized democratic election that moves Haiti forward. Protests and violence have occurred by various factions of the voting public causing safety concerns for travelers to the country. PLEASE PRAY FOR CALM and a SOLUTION to this POLITICAL CRISIS. We depend on travel warnings and our local leadership for direction as it regards the mission and medical teams that have plans to travel to Double Harvest.

Enjoying Their Noon Meal Getting a Check-Up
Evidence of Poverty Getting a Check-Up

Double Harvest School – All of our Sponsors recently received the “Winter Progress Report” on the student(s) they sponsor at $45/month. Wherever poverty is rampant in the world children are the ultimate victims. Malnutrition and hunger, so characteristic of impoverished situations, are major causes for disease and deficient learning abilities. Haiti is no different with its lack of adequate health care and a 56% adult illiteracy rate. We believe that one of the most effective ways to address poverty is through the care, education, and training of children and youth. Coming from a number of villages in our community, each of our 500 students receives an excellent education from our dedicated Haitian staff (Preschool-Grade 13), a nutritious noon meal each school day, health care at our Medical Clinic, and spiritual guidance through Bible classes and weekly chapels. We are grateful to the Lord for the academic record the school has with the Department of Education. More information on the School and Sponsorship can be found by clicking on the links.

Workers Tending The Vegetable Fields A Noon Meal For Farm Workers
Workers Tending The Vegetable Fields A Noon Meal For Farm Workers

Agricultural Projects - In poor countries, sustainable farming techniques in the vast rural areas remain underdeveloped or non-existent. To live people must eat. However, produce is usually imported at inflated prices, leaving the majority of the population to rely on what little they can purchase or grow themselves. The result? A repeat of the poverty cycle and a day-to-day existence, affecting the health, education, morale and economy of the country. Using a Business as Mission model, we are committed to reversing these debilitating trends. With close guidance by board members of trained national staff, on our 200 acres major grains, vegetables and reforestation trees are grown, and production from a fishery and a chicken-egg project all find their way into the local economy at reasonable prices. Employment is provided for over 200 people in the farm, school and medical clinic. At the heart of these commercial and compassion ministries is a spiritual component that serves as our motivation – Ministry to the physical and spiritual lives of people!

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator