Haiti Update - January 2015

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Resolutions – We’re into the New Year, 2015, and for many the struggle has begun to keep those new resolutions. We trust you will succeed! For churches, businesses, and organizations like ours, it is also an opportunity to resolve to better put into practice their mission. Here then is our Mission Statement“Double Harvest’s mission is to establish and develop agricultural projects in developing countries by providing capital resources and implementing best practices to increase food production and to build the local economy. Being followers of Jesus Christ, we are guided by His example and the principles outlined in the Bible, and therefore support and implement ministries that reflect our deep concern for the physical and spiritual needs of people. Our objective is a “double harvest”!”

Storm rolling in on the farm One way to harvest beans
Storm rolling in on the farm One way to harvest beans

Resources & Mission – To accomplish these objectives it always requires financial resources. We, however, always need to be reminded that concern for resources should always follow mission vision. We must prayerfully determine what God is calling us to. Then, we depend on Him for the finances to accomplish that, usually through faithful and generous donors. We are grateful for those who exhibit their compassion for people less fortunate than themselves by putting their trust in Double Harvest through their gifts. If you are reading this, would you pass on your commitment (a recommendation) to others in your network of relatives, friends and colleagues who might be looking for such an opportunity?

Opportunities – Here are just two resolutions we have made – opportunities for you to assist us in “Sowing Seeds of Life”.

…General Fund – People tend to think the general needs of an organization will somehow be met. Specific projects are far more compelling! However, among other mundane administration needs, the salaries of our Haitian employees depend on this “where most needed” category. As does the highest expense on our project – Diesel fuel for our generators to supply electricity for the farm, school, clinic and other buildings. While the increasing success of our agricultural projects help with these expenses, we are dependent on understanding, generous donors to give regularly to the General Fund. This is the foundation to accomplishing our mission.

Diesel Fuel Delivery Double Harvest generators
Diesel fuel delivery Double Harvest Generators

…College Scholarships – Yes, here’s a “specific project”. We thank the faithful sponsors of practically all of our 535 students (Pre-School – Grade 13) in our Christian School on our property ($45/mo/student). Their excellent education and test results have not only brought notoriety to the school but also prepared our graduates for University (as it is referred to In Haiti). A significant question has been asked of us: “After graduation, where do they go? Especially when combined unemployment and underemployment is at 70%?!” With so much talent and initiative represented in these students, we have established a “College Scholarship Fund”. A $5.50/day investment, or $2000/year, will fund one student at a prominent university in Port-au-Prince, taking them to the next level of professional development in their careers. They are needed to rebuild this struggling country. Your help or related questions will be welcomed!

Grade 13 Graduating Class Reviewing homework
Grade 13 Graduating Class Reviewing homework

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator