Haiti Update - May 2013

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,

How about a “fly-over” this month? A fly-over allows you to see the broader picture but only relatively few details remain impressed on your mind. Here are some fly-over “snap shots” regarding our work in Haiti. Please remember – you’re in the aircraft with us! Thank you for “flying” with us in this holistic ministry focused on meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of impoverished people.

FARM – Operating with a “Business as Mission” model, 160 of our 200 acres are dedicated to grain crops and vegetables. While some crops find their way to local venders and markets, most of our grain crops are sold to World Vision for their programs. These assist small farmers in earning a living through better produce, techniques and financial management. A few reforestation projects have discovered that we have the capacity to grow 2 million tree seedlings, thus meeting this critical environmental need in the country.



CHICKEN PROJECT – With a revolving program of both layers and broilers, this business project is encouraging. Haitians love to eat eggs and chicken meat. The 3500 eggs produced each day are finding their way into local grocery stores and markets.



FISH PROJECT – The fishery has experienced some challenges: disease, predatory birds, stealing and lack of adequate sales. Nevertheless, experienced consultants have been helpful and the new hatchery tanks are now growing our own fingerlings. The goal remains to eventually harvest 18,000 pounds of fish per month.



SCHOOL – We thank our sponsors (at $45/mo/student) who make it possible for our 500 students to receive an excellent education with an emphasis on a Christian worldview, while also receiving medical care and a nutritious meal each school day. Noteworthy – the school has a graduation rate in the 95th percentile for Haiti, a tribute to our Haitian faculty! Plans are moving ahead to set up a computer lab similar to inner-city schools in the U.S. Donors have helped considerably with financing this project however there are always unexpected costs. Interested in helping with a one-time gift? Please indicate that on a separate note: “School Computer Lab”.


imageCLINIC – Our Haitian medical staff continue to treat 140-160 patients each day, helping to heal numerous tropical diseases and infections. These past few months have also seen a couple of surgery teams from the U.S. conducting operations in the two operating rooms in the facility, skills our Haitian staff are not trained to do. Another team is scheduled for this month. Procedures that are routinely done in the U.S. are rarely available in Haiti. The new lease on life seen in the grateful smiles is reward enough!

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator