Haiti Update - May 2018

by Vernon Giesbrecht

How about a “FLY-OVER” this month? As you are probably aware, a “fly-over” views the broader picture of say, a disaster, but doesn’t focus on the small, more numerous details of the situation. Our name and tagline speak to using best practices in establishing agricultural and related projects in developing countries in order to increase food production and grow the local economy. At the same time, as followers of Jesus Christ, we follow His example and biblical principles to support and implement compassion and spiritual ministries that affect peoples’ lives in this world and for eternity. Our objective is a “double harvest”!

Here in general are highlights from the ministry in Haiti – a “fly-over”:

FARM – Of the 200 acres of our property, 160 acres are dedicated to farm and vegetable fields. Recently, the Haitian government contracted with Double Harvest to grow 50 acres of sorghum for their projects. At the same time beans and vegetables are sold to local vendors and used in the food program for our employees and students.

Ensuring a Good Crop Drip Irrigation for Vegetables
Ensuring a Good Crop Drip Irrigation for Vegetables

The CHICKEN PROJECT continues to produce 2700 eggs each day. The eggs are sold to grocery stores and small vendors. Vendors also purchase broilers for their small business. The eggs are provided to visiting mission teams, as well.

Happy Chickens - Rows Of Egg Nests Vendor Purchasing Broilers To Sell
Happy Chickens - Rows Of Egg Nests Vendor Purchasing Broilers To Sell

MEDICAL CLINIC – Our Haitian medical staff continue to serve 100 patients a day, providing treatment for minor wounds and common tropical ailments. In May, the Eye Clinic hosted an Eye Surgery Team which conducted 129 evaluations and 30 cataract surgeries, many of them on children. Another team is planned for June. Also, the “Friends of Haiti Surgery Team”, from Green Bay, WI, and who plan missions twice a year, completed 99 surgeries/procedures during their week. A sample – 24 hysterectomies, 20 hernias, 13 hydroceles, a breast lump, and a ruptured appendix.

Successful Cataract Surgery General Surgery In Progress
Successful Cataract Surgery General Surgery In Progress

SCHOOL – If you are a Sponsor of one or more of our students, you will have recently received their Spring Progress Report. We are encouraged by the overall academic proficiency and spiritual growth in our Pre-School – Grade 13 students, although there are always some that “need improvement”. Periodic parent seminars are helpful in this regard. As I write this, our students are anticipating the end of the school year (as are many here in the U.S.). The Grade 13 Graduation (27 students) will take place Sunday afternoon, June 17. This is a well-deserved celebration! Many of them, however, face a daunting 40% unemployment/under-employment rate. Contact us about our college scholarship program for the top students.

Just Beginning Their Education A Privilege Afforded A Few
Just Beginning Their Education Graduation – A Privilege Afforded A Few

Finally, did you know that you can also help support Double Harvest by shopping at smile.amazon.com? They donate 0.5% of eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. We hope it’ll be Double Harvest!


Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator