Haiti Update - September 2013

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear Friend of Double Harvest,

clinicBrief Report on Haiti – In Haiti, while the farm, greenhouse, and tree, chicken and fish projects continue to produce and sell their products as business development efforts, our Clinic hosted another surgery team in August. Miami Baptist Hospital organizes two or three trips each year to conduct in a four day span around 80 surgical procedures, in which our Haitian medical staff is not trained. We thank them and another 8-10 surgery teams on the Calendar for meeting this critical health need.

computer classroomEducational Advance – Another school year begins October 1 in Haiti. Of our 500 students, there is opportunity to sponsor 30 new preschool students and a few additional Grade 13 students. (See our website) A strategic development is a plan for a new Computer Lab to replace outdated technology. In August, four of our Haitian teachers arrived at Ashland University, OH, to receive computer training. In September, a team will travel to Haiti to install the Lab. Despite challenges with reliable electricity and internet access, the server will contain helpful software programs. This project is essentially funded however, as is the case in developing countries, there are always unexpected expenses. If interested in this critical educational program, simply include a note with your donation: “Computer Lab”.

Also, you can read the September update for South Sudan here.

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator