Haiti Update - September 2014

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,          

Sowing Seeds Of LIFE (Continued) – As promised in last month’s Update, we wanted to report on another mission team’s partnership with Double Harvest and a local church in reaching older youth. Our name reflects our dual mission to minister to the whole person – physically and spiritually! We seek to practice the compassion of Jesus while proclaiming the gospel of Jesus – the good news that He did what we could not do for ourselves to restore our broken relationship with God.

In Haiti’s Youth – The Kindred Church, California, Mission Team left little time in their week’s schedule for leisure activities. At the beginning of July, they joined with Haitian leaders in conducting a Senior Vacation Bible School. Team members shared their faith experience with Jesus Christ through interpreters and organized unique games, competitions and crafts to enhance relationships and simply have fun. Haitian teachers led interesting Bible lessons and discussions. The CA Team also helped out with a few work projects on the DH property in the afternoon and, in the evening, joined again with the Haitian leaders in witnessing to their faith in nearby villages. Almost half of Haiti’s 10 million population is under 18 years of age. So, ministry to the future of this nation is strategic, as it will change their relationship with God and others, and also influence their life-decisions. Thank you, Kindred Church Mission Team!

Serving Together - Senior VBS Competing Together - Senior VBS
Serving Together - Senior VBS Competing Together - Senior VBS

In The Double Harvest School – For the first time since the devastating January, 2010 Earthquake, Haiti schools began their year in September. Perhaps to give children the time to recover from trauma they had experienced, a shorter school year beginning in October had been in place. The faithful sponsors of our students (525 in Pre-school – Grade 13) understand what their $45/month can mean in this country. Haiti stands alone in the Caribbean with the highest rates of illiteracy and abject poverty. The key to reversing this downward spiral is quality education. But Haiti’s public education is in crisis mode: untrained teachers, little access in rural areas, high costs for 50% of the population, and sanitation, equipment and supplies are sorely lacking. As a top priority issue for the future of the nation, the Double Harvest School is helping to meet the need, drawing students from the local community. The goal remains to provide a quality education, trained Haitian teachers, a Bible curriculum, decent facilities, a nutritious noon meal, and medical care by our on-site Clinic. The school has been rated in the 95th percentile of the standards of the Haiti government, with the vast majority of students in key grades “succeeding” this past year! Above all, the Bible classes and the Christian worldview infused into the classes are key to the students’ moral, ethical and spiritual transformation. If you or a friend would be interested in Sponsorship, please visit this link for more information. (Also, see also “Haiti News Archives”: August 2012 & June/July 2013.)

Keeping the Ball Up Hard at His Studies
Keeping the Ball Up Hard at His Studies

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator