June 2011 Newsletter

by Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht

The “Power of ONE”. You’ve probably heard the phrase before. It often refers to the strategy to accomplish a large vision or objective. A formidable task is reduced into manageable proportions. A number of years ago World Vision, the large international Christian humanitarian and relief organization, published a poster with a child’s face. At the top was the question: “How do you reach 3 million children?” At the bottom was the answer “One child at a time!”

The “power of one” has been at work at our project in Haiti. Our school now has 500 students, Pre-School – Grade 13, each receiving an excellent education, including a Bible curriculum, from dedicated Haitian teachers, a nutritious meal each day, and free medical care. However, 16 years ago it began with only one class. Sponsors for these students (now at $30/mo) have increased over time – one at a time. At our Medical-Surgical Clinic, 200 people with a variety of third-world health concerns are seen every day – one at a time. When surgery teams visit once a month, 60 – 80 procedures are conducted – one at a time – correcting longstanding medical issues. The addition presently being constructed is taking shape one block, one tied rebar, one wall, one truss at a time. Soon, a new eye care center, a dental suite, more exam rooms, a radiology and lab area, and additional accommodations will be operational.

At the heart of our 200-acre project is the farm and fish and chicken projects. The major grains - corn, sorghum, soybeans, as well as vegetables are planted – one seed at a time. Drip irrigation lines are painstakingly laid out – one line at a time. With capacity to grow 2 million tree seedlings, we hope to be a front-runner in meeting Haiti’s desperate reforestation needs – one tree at a time. A recent “tree-a-thon” with sponsored motorcycle riders in Haiti raised money to plant 8,600 trees in 2 weeks! Our Chicken Project will soon produce 3,800 Grade A eggs per day, providing numerous vendors the opportunity to make a living – one egg at a time. Our Tilapia Fish Project is poised to double production, introducing this nutritious food item into the Haitian market – one fish at a time. As the rainy and hurricane season begins, our Rebuilding Housing Project has provided over 100 families with a new, well-built, concrete block home – one home at a time. One can see the anxiety created by the earthquake melt away from their faces as the keys are handed over!

Above all, people’s hearts are being changed by the love of Christ and the hope of the gospel. It seems the Lord uses hardship, amplified here over the past 18 months, to soften people’s hearts – one person at a time! The “Power of One”!