March 2012 Newsletter

by Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear Friend of Double Harvest,

“You had to have been there to understand it!” You’ve heard the phrase before. This was the experience of the mission team from our church which my wife and I took to the Double Harvest project in Haiti at the end of February. For a week we engaged in work and compassion ministries, but were also exposed to a spectrum of activities all directed to “Sowing Seeds of Life”. Here is a brief overview.

Mission Team – Working with a Haitian crew, a concrete, property-long walkway poured; a gate fabricated and installed in the wall around our school; repairs done at the school; correctly sized shoes delivered to the 43 teachers of our 500 students; soccer balls given to school classes; bags of clothes and food organized for 100 families in the community; interior walls repaired and painted in our Clinic (much needed after 8 years); sobering visits to a mass grave site from the 2010 earthquake and to the very poor Fishermen’s Village; sharing in Farm devotions and in worship with the church meeting on our property; rewarding team meals and devotional times. As is always the case with mission teams, more was gained by the team members than was given!

Farm – A bee-hive of activity, beans and tomatoes were being harvested; the greenhouses were filled with starter plants and reforestation trees; 3500 eggs were gathered each day for sale; plumbing on additional fish and hatchery tanks was planned; constant repairs on vehicles were done; 1000 meals were prepared each day for the students, teachers, farm workers, and medical staff.

Clinic Addition – The structure is up; initial electrical, plumbing and A/C are completed; interior walls are ready to be mudded; doors are hung; a “mission painting team” is being organized. Soon more consultation and eye exam rooms, an X-ray room, a lab and more storage areas will enhance the medical care the Haitian people now receive.

Eye Care – Partner ministry, Living in Faith, conducted one of many regular eye exam clinics with a trained Haitian team. Eye care is the least addressed health care issue in the country. Exact prescriptions are filled in Florida and life-changing sight is delivered to waiting patients at greatly subsidized prices. “I can see!” is the repeated, joyful response.

Thank you…for your continued financial and prayer support as we minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the Haitian people!

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator