May 2010 Newsletter

by by Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear Friend of Double Harvest,

We thank you for your investment in the work of Double Harvest. Prior to the earthquake in Haiti, our website began undergoing a redesign. We are finally unveiling it this month. You will notice a new look and a new logo, reflecting the message of our motto: “Sowing Seeds of Life”. You will also note that the reach of Double Harvest goes beyond Haiti to several African countries, where agricultural projects and accompanying efforts are at various stages of growth. Please take a few moments to browse through the site. I’m sure you will find the new content interesting and encouraging.

Our mission has also been restated: “DOUBLE HARVEST operates in third world countries to establish and develop agricultural projects, by providing capital resources and implementing best practices to increase food production, and to build the local economy.” As our website further states: “Being followers of Jesus Christ we are guided by His example and the principles outlined in the Bible…” and support and implement ministries that reflect our deep concern for the physical and spiritual needs of people in developing countries. Our objective is a “double harvest”!

This has characterized our response to the earthquake in Haiti. While medical teams worked around the clock on injured and broken bodies, our Haitian pastor and our missionary were praying with and comforting recovering patients. Double Harvest hosted a seminar for over 150 pastors and church leaders on disaster counseling for their people. Food and water were distributed with the compassion of Christ. The project of reconstructing homes, now in full swing, has at its core the principles of Biblical ethics and integrity. With our school in session, discussions of Biblical hope and faith in response to the disaster are woven into the academic studies. And, morning devotions continue to start each work day for our farm workers and patients. We remain committed to “Sowing Seeds of Life” in impoverished and, at times, hopeless and traumatic circumstances. Thank for partnering with us in this mission.

Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht
N.A. Coordinator