October 2011 Newsletter

by Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,

Our children’s future! In this country we have our concerns for what the future holds for our children and grandchildren. Haitian parents and grandparents are no different. As one of our grandsons plays at my feet, the experience of a recent trip with my wife to Haiti brought this into clear focus. Travelling with husband and wife photographers (also grandparents), the trip had two main purposes: Taking the annual pictures of the over 500 students at our school and participating in a ministry board meeting. The residual impact of the trip however was far greater than the tasks we performed. We are changed each time we visit.

  • The Double Harvest School is blest with a committed Haitian principal and faculty. They recognize the critical role both a general and religious education plays in the future hope of this poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. As each student’s photo was taken, we envisioned their potential. Thank you, sponsors, for the strategic financial role you play in these students’ lives!
  • This year the Haitian authorities delayed the start of the school year by one month due to unrest developing over the delay in the formation of a government. During our time there, we witnessed opening day ceremonies along with the presentation of a bicycle for each of the top students of last year’s classes. We thank a N.E. Ohio Christian school for making these special awards possible!
  • Our student photo experience took us also to an orphanage and a remote village, where a school and a church have been developed as an outreach of our Double Harvest project. With almost impassable roads after successive rains, we were thankful for 4-wheel drive. Meeting under tents, for the first time these 400 students received a paper-framed picture of themselves. The parents are overjoyed at this opportunity for their children! This is just one way we are impacting the surrounding community.
  • As the end of the trip approached, board members arrived for the annual board meeting. On-site meetings give opportunity for on-site evaluation. Haiti is a nation in great need, but we were thankful for the progress made in many areas and prayed for wisdom in meeting the challenges that remain. Your continuing, generous support assists us in accomplishing our mission there.
  • Haiti’s unrest – After nearly a year since elections, unease over the delay in forming a functional government has escalated. The President’s two nominations for Prime Minister had been turned down by lawmakers. While still in-country, we received the news that his third nomination had been approved. Pray with us that these two men can inspire confidence in a common agenda to tackle the desperate needs of tent cities (600,000), health care, education, agriculture and reforestation, all part of Double Harvest’s mission!

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator