Hait Update - October 2013

by Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,

Computer Lab installedSchool Computer Lab Is In – For you who follow these Updates, the new Computer Lab at our school on our project in Haiti is now a reality. Our teachers and students are excited!! Prior to our install team of nine going down, a few teachers had cleared out the old, outdated, equipment, cleaned the room, and ensured that a new A/C unit was installed. During four short days toward the end of September, our team worked hard to repaint the room, retrofit the desks, and install the computer equipment. Instead of each student receiving a laptop, each station is only equipped with a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse, with every station connected to a central server. With this concept, damaged equipment is cheaper to replace (kids will be kids!), better internet controls are in place, and adjustments/fixes can be done remotely from the U.S. via the internet.

Some Roadblocks – As expected, unreliable electricity and internet access have hampered the Lab becoming fully operational. Also, unexpected expenditures for electric/power support equipment have stretched the budget for this project. However, the strategic nature of the Lab cannot be overstated! Learning the skills of the digital world will not only enhance our students’ (and teachers) education but also give them the edge when applying for college or employment. If you see the potential in this project, perhaps you would consider a one-time contribution to help defray the costs of these extra but necessary safety and reliability expenditures. On a separate note, simply write “Computer Lab” and mail your check to our address. We thank you in advance for helping in this way.

water tankEmployment – Double Harvest-Haiti is primarily an agricultural project, providing employment for around 100 people in this poverty-stricken nation. Water – While rain and diverted river water provide irrigation for the farm, we are blessed to have three deep wells augmenting these sources. They also provide drinkable water for the project and to five villages in the community, almost 420,000 gallons/week! Trees – With the capacity to grow 2 million tree seedlings, recently a number of sales contracts for Reforestation Projects have been encouraging in reversing this environmental crisis in Haiti. Chickens/Eggs – This project will soon see a space expansion to capitalize on its success. Supplying both eggs (3500 each day) and meat from broilers and older layers, it is making a dent in this depressed economy while providing a healthy and affordable food source. Spiritual Emphasis – Together with these humanitarian efforts – we call it Business as Mission – the project is infused with a spiritual emphasis: Morning devotions for the farm workers and waiting patients at our Clinic, and a weekly Chapel and class Bible curriculum at our school. This is the “double harvest” we seek to reap. Thank you for partnering with us to accomplish these objectives.

tree seedlings chicken project

Vernon Giesbrecht
N. A. Coordinator