September 2011 Newsletter

by Rev. Vernon Giesbrecht

Dear friend of Double Harvest,

This last month, August, was a busy month! While many of us in North America were enjoying vacations or gearing up for our children’s schooling and programs, our project in Haiti hosted a number of volunteer mission teams. Here is a brief overview of what was accomplished.

  • The addition to our Medical-Surgical Clinic is progressing. A team from Tennessee installed the roof this past month. New exam rooms, both medical and eye care, an X-ray room, an expanded lab, dental rooms, plus new second-floor accommodations for teams are taking shape. This will allow us to further serve the Haitian people in many ways.
  • Surgery teams continue to conduct operations putting hundreds of Haitians on a new health pathway. A frequent visiting team from Miami Baptist Hospital did more surgeries than usual during this recent visit using the new anesthesia equipment.
  • Our farm benefited in areas of crop growth and efficiency from the review and direction of one of our board members. A fish nursery is taking shape for the Tilapia Fish Project. The Chicken-Egg Project is expanding and is recognized as a premier supplier of fresh eggs. The Rebuilding Housing Project has passed the 100 mark, providing these needy families with a safe and reliable home.
  • A partner ministry in our Eye Care Clinic program, Living In Faith, fielded an American team to conduct eye exams and install Water Purification Systems in surrounding villages. The same ministry began a new training program for Haitians in learning basic eye exam techniques. Twelve people attended the inaugural class. Advanced techniques will be taught in ongoing classes with the hope that students will begin an Eye Care ministry in their home area.
  • Another partner ministry, Ashley’s Orphans, used our project for their team as a base from which to continue construction of new school and accommodations buildings for an orphanage in the area.
  • While the U.S. east coast recovers from Hurricane Irene’s devastating winds and rain, we are thankful the storm bypassed Haiti earlier. God’s sovereignty over nature’s power is unexplainable, but He is always present in the disaster to comfort and to heal. During this hurricane season, Haiti is so vulnerable with its lack of infrastructure, resources and forestation, and thousands of people still living in tent cities. A direct hit could incapacitate this struggling nation still trying to recover from the January, 2010 earthquake.

Thank you for your prayers and support of Double Harvest’s ministry. You ARE “helping us help” those in desperate circumstances.

Vernon Giesbrecht
N.A. Coordinator