Garden at Hwange Bible School Tailos with crop of tomatoes
Garden at Hwange Bible School Tailos with crop of tomatoes

Hwange Bible School Garden

Sixty miles east of Victoria Falls, in the town of Hwange, DOUBLE HARVEST helped to start a demonstration garden for the Bible School and show practical methods of self support for the attending student pastors. Tailos, the resident grounds keeper, was sent to Genesis Farms for the internship program to learn vegetable growing from the “ground up”. Drip irrigation, Winstrip trays, hand tools and a supply of vegetable seeds were provided to get the project underway. Arie and Len Van Wingerden visited in September 2009, made some changes to water storage and main water line distribution and brought hybrid vegetable seeds for Tailos to trial.

Victory Farms fertile fields Putting in a ΒΌ Drip Kit
Victory Farms fertile fields Putting in a ¼ Drip Kit

Victory Farms

Forty acres of rolling fertile fields adjacent to Victory Tabernacle is giving DOUBLE HARVEST an opportunity to develop a productive farming enterprise. In partnership with Bishop Trevor Manhanga, pastor of Victory Tabernacle, DOUBLE HARVEST renovated two water wells and installed a couple of small drip irrigation gardens. Layout and design for a drip irrigation system of the farm is being undertaken. A composting program has been initiated to provide germinating soil media for the Winstrip trays to produce vegetable transplants. The goal for Victory Farms is to make the operation a model of high value vegetable production.

One of the small gardens Bishop Trevor, pastor/farmer
One of the Small Gardens Bishop Trevor, pastor/farmer