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July 1, 2016 - Bridge of Life Volunteer video
We are always grateful for the medical professionals who volunteer their time, skills and expense to serve the health needs of the Haitian people. Medical care is widely unavailable in rural areas in Haiti. Typically, our Medical-Surgical Clinic hosts surgery teams who perform operations, often rescuing a patient from a life of misery or possibly death. While our Haitian-run Clinic serves people daily with normal tropical illnesses, medical teams from the U.S. who conduct rural community clinics are a necessary addition to our outreach. We thank the Bridge of Life medical team for their selfless service recently – in a one week period over 1800 people where seen and helped! Click on the link above to view what was accomplished through their efforts and a few of our medical personnel. - Vernon Giesbrecht, N.A. Coordinator, Double Harvest

February 18, 2012 - The Roots of Success
Say the name Van Wingerden in Henderson County, and the rows and rows of beautiful flowers grown in the company's Mills River greenhouses are likely to come to mind. Some might even recall the commercial greenhouses Van Wingerden designs and sells to customers all around the country.

11/23/10 - Kyle Adams of Purdue Boilermakers Giving Big
Marty Dittmar, the director of Fellowship for Christian Athletes at Purdue University, has been taking teams to Double Harvest in Haiti for years. One of their athletes, Kyle Adams, has been on a few of the teams. He rated a feature on his football prowess and humanitarian heart on the Big Ten Network. Check out the video of Kyle on the GiveBig page.

02/16/2010 - Double Harvest at Daytona story

02/15/2010 - Van Wingerden’s Double Harvest Saving Lives in Haiti
GrowerTalks magazine article.

01/27/10 - Radio Interview with John van Wingerden, Lorain, Ohio audio feed

01/26/2010 - Helping earthquake survivors in Haiti with a ‘Double Harvest’
Star Exponent story from Culpepper, Virginia

01/22/10 - Area team putting in long hours in Haiti report by Diane Chun

01/20/10 - Double Harvest video from NBC in Somers, Connecticut
Double Harvest video from NBC in Somers, Connecticut (Please excuse the advertisement at the beginning of the video)

01/20/10 - Cornelius doctor in Haiti during quake aftershock Charlotte news report by Rad Berky

01/19/10 - Double Harvest Provides Lifeline In Haiti story

01/19/10 - Sen. Bill Frist Checks in From Double Harvest Hospital in Haiti story by Senator Bill Frist M.D.

01/14/10 - A Mission to Help story by Rhonda Simmons

01/13/10 - Haiti Disaster Relief Benefit Live Auction
Haiti Disaster Relief Benefit Auction at

01/13/10 - The Master’s Seminary Encourages Partners to Consider Double Harvest
Master's Seminary .pdf

01/13/10 - CIDI article
Center for International Disaster Information (CIDI) .pdf article